Millennial Parenting 101: Trending Best-Practices

08 Apr

Millennials parents between the ages of 18 and 34 now outnumber all previous generations and are now parenting the yet-to-be-named future generation. They are responding to their own upbringing with new attitudes and lifestyles. That has meant the emergence of several trends unfamiliar to older generation parents. They are more invested, conscientious, and sophisticated in their parenting decisions.

So, how do millennial parents raise their children in comparison to prior generations? Here are some of their parenting best practices;

1. Millennials have a plan

Millennials, unlike any previous generation of parents, have shown to be incredibly organized and efficient when it comes to preparing for their child's future. Even before they become parents, they believe in building their careers and themselves for a more secure future. This facilitates them to be more stable in life and provides their children with all the support they need. They attempt to keep track of their money, and expenses and get a job that will provide a secure future for their children.

According to Forbes Magazine, 66% of millennials are saving for their children’s college years.

2. Millennials focus on health and fitness

Millennial parents are worried about their children's health and fitness. With the global obesity issue looming, this generation of parents is concerned about how to instill good eating habits in their children along with establishing an active lifestyle. Their concern for their children's health also encourages them to make better parenting decisions such as baby-led weaning and eating clean. 

3. Millennials have access to on-demand parenting advice

This generation has grown up with technology, and digital media and is extremely tech-savvy. If they need an instant answer to any of their parenting concerns, they rely on google search, parenting, and baby development apps, and peer recommendations rather than brand assertions. They seek parenting assistance from social media, parenting websites, mom blogs, and various forums. Furthermore, they conduct research and read product reviews from other parents before buying anything for their children and are always in the now!

4. Millennials ensure to spend quality time with their kids

While today's millennials are more focused on their job and driven to achieve success, they still realize the importance of family and children. Where a greater number of women are seeking flexible career alternatives or part-time work to manage their work and family life, fathers of this generation also want to be just as involved in their children's development as their moms.

Millennial parents are more effective in creating time for their children, despite the fact that time is a big constraint. They have also started a new trend where they set up 20 minutes each day to sit with their children and spend time with them by talking over anything and everything.

5. Millenials value positive parenting

There is a dramatic change from the belief that strict discipline and physical force were acceptable and even helpful ways to set boundaries on conduct around the mid-twentieth century. Today’s parents encourage positive parenting as they believe in improved communication and understanding between them and their children. The traditional authoritarian parenting style is considered to be damaging to the parent-child bond.

Instead of imposing, millennial parents give their children the chance to have a say in making decisions. 

6. Millennials prefer eco-friendly parenting 

Until recently, few people were aware of the options for environmentally responsible parenting. Millennial parents, on the other hand, have begun substituting cloth wipes for baby wipes, making homemade meals instead of canned food, and replacing plastic toys with wooden toys in natural colors.

7. Millennials practice gender-neutral parenting

Gender-neutral parenting has been on a rise, where parents no longer stereotype that pink is for girls and blue is for boys, instead, they allow their children to select the sort of toys they want or fancy.  Millennial parents also share household chores to demonstrate that there are no gender-specific responsibilities at home.

Over time people's approach to parenting has changed and developed over time. Today parents are more informed and aware as a result of technological advancements and the introduction of social media.

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