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06 May

Baby Swaddling: How and When to Stop

For new parents, swaddling likely has been a reliable tool for ensuring your baby sleeps peacefully. The gentle, snug wrapping of a swaddle replicates the comforting environment of the womb, providing a sense of security that calms your little one...

05 Apr

Kindersteps Launches Baby Trackers! Elevate Your Parenting Journey in 2024

Parenthood is a beautiful whirlwind, particularly for new parents who find themselves balancing a multitude of tasks, including tracking sleep patterns, feeding schedules, and diaper changes. With each day bringing its own set of unique experiences,...

19 Feb

How to Treat Swollen Feet During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey, brimming with excitement and new experiences. Yet, amidst the joy, there can be a few discomforts, and one that often takes the spotlight is swollen feet. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to...

17 Jan

12 Things to Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

Hey there, mom-to-be! Congratulations on the fantastic News—you’re about to embark on a magical journey called pregnancy! The moment you find out you’re pregnant, a world of Joy, wonder, and endless possibilities opens up....

22 Dec

Discover effective tips for teaching your preschooler about emotions in this comprehensive guide

Hey there, fellow parents! Don't we all want our little ones to grow up as happy and emotionally well-rounded individuals? Absolutely! Well, here's some exciting news: one of the most important skills we can teach our preschoolers is all about...

18 Dec

Age-Appropriate Activities and Recipes to Try with Your Toddler This Holiday Season

Hey there, fellow parents and caregivers! Can you feel that magical holiday spirit in the air? The twinkling lights, the scent of freshly baked cookies, and the joyous laughter of little ones—it's the perfect time to create unforgettable...

27 Nov

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Parenting App for Your Child

In today's digital age, parenting apps offer an abundance of opportunities to enhance your child's growth and learning. But how do you navigate this exciting world and ensure you're making the best choice for your family?With so many options at your...

15 Nov

Mindful Parenting for Mental Health: Strategies for Promoting Well-Being in Your Child and Yourself

Parenting is an incredible journey filled with joy, challenges, and the ever-present desire to provide the best for our children. As parents, we all want our kids to grow up happy, healthy, and emotionally resilient. But in the hustle and bustle of...

30 Oct

Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits in Picky Eaters: Tips for Parents

Dealing with a picky eater in the house? You're not alone! Those tiny humans and their ever-changing food whims can surely be challenging. But guess what?  We have a fun and easy way to turn your picky eater into a healthy food...

26 Oct

Managing Tantrums: 8 Effective Strategies for Parents of Toddlers

Tantrums can be challenging for both parents and toddlers alike. They often seem to come out of nowhere and can be overwhelming to handle. As a parent, it's essential to understand why tantrums happen and how to effectively manage them. In this...

22 Sep

Seeing the World Through Your Baby's Eyes: Understanding Infant Vision Development

As your baby emerges from the cozy darkness of your womb and enters the world, you might wonder what she can actually see. The truth is, not much—at least not yet. But don't fret, because that will change in no time. In the first six...

08 Sep

Fun Reading Activities to Boost Your Child's Literacy Skills on International Literacy Day

Are you ready to dive into a world of literary excitement and giggles? Well, get your reading glasses on because International Literacy Day is here, and we're about to embark on an adventure that will boost your child's literacy skills like never...

21 Aug

The Bonding Power of Skin-to-Skin Contact: Creating a Strong Connection with Your Newborn

If you’re a new parent, you're in for a lot of love and cuddles with your little one. Did you know that holding your baby skin-to-skin can help you bond even more? In this blog, we'll talk about how skin-to-skin contact can make your...

04 Aug

The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother and Child

There is certainly a deluge of information if you have been considering not nursing your newborn. Although it is a personal choice that only you may make, there are countless advantages.So, let's delve into the marvelous world of breastfeeding and...

24 Jul

The Benefits of Music for Your Child's Development: Fun Activities to Try

Music plays a vital role in our daily lives, and its influence on children's development cannot be overstated. From boosting brain development to promoting emotional regulation and cultural awareness, music offers a myriad of benefits for children...

10 Jul

10 Sensory Activities to Boost Your Child's Development: Fun and Engaging Ideas

Are you looking for easy ways to boost your child's development? You might think that you need to buy expensive toys or enroll them in pricey programs, but there's actually a simpler solution: sensory activities! These activities engage your child's...

20 Jun

10 Best Travel Tips for Traveling With a Toddler

Are you ready for an adventure with your little one? Traveling with a toddler can be both exciting and challenging. But fear not, my fellow parents! This compiled list of the 10 best travel tips is sure to make your journey as smooth as...

09 Jun

10 Best Travel Tips for Traveling with an Infant

Are you planning to embark on a journey with your little one soon? Traveling with an infant can be a daunting task for any parent. The thought of packing all the essentials, dealing with unexpected situations, and keeping your baby happy and...

24 May

7 Early Literacy Skills and How to Help Your Child Build Them

Did you know that a child should already possess some basic early literacy skills before entering kindergarten? That's right! Even before formal education begins, children need to have a strong foundation in reading and writing. Early literacy...

18 May

Kindersteps Wins 2022 EdTech Breakthrough Award

Kindersteps is the winner of the prestigious "Overall Early Childhood Education Solution Provider of the Year 2022" award in the fourth annual EdTech Breakthrough Awards. As a leading market intelligence organization in the education...

09 May

8 Best Play Activities to Try with Your Kids This Summer

Whether you work from home, are a stay-at-home parent, or commute, you need real-world suggestions to occupy your children, especially during the summer. As a responsible parent, you want to ensure that your children are making the most of their...

26 Apr

How to Prepare Your Child for Potty Training: A Parent’s Guide

If you're a parent, then you know the drill: potty training though a major milestone can be one of the most challenging and potentially messy aspects of parenting. Being successful in potty training your child hinges on physical, developmental and...

19 Apr

5 Ways to Build Pre-reading Skills in Kids

Before your child actually begins to read, they'll develop a set of skills known as pre-reading skills. Pre-reading skills lay the foundation for reading success by helping children develop the cognitive, language, and social-emotional skills they...

30 Mar

Parenting 101: What Is Hypertonia and Hypotonia

Being a parent can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and it's especially true when you're dealing with developmental challenges in your child. Two of the most common challenges that parents may come across are hypertonia and hypotonia. These...

14 Mar

How Do Febrile Convulsions Happen and What Can You Do to Prevent Them?

A seizure is one of the scariest things a parent can experience. It’s unexpected, overwhelming and you don’t know why it’s happening or when it’s going to end. Feeling unprepared can make the experience infinitely more...

23 Feb

6 Ways to Support Language Development in Infants and Toddlers

Language development is a process by which children come to understand and communicate language during early childhood. Babies start to communicate using sounds and gestures, however by 4 months toddlers will be able to distinguish language sounds...

15 Feb

Toddler Growth Spurts: Helpful Tips for Parents

Children grow most during their first year of life. Most babies grow ten inches and triple their birth weight by their first birthday and most toddlers grow three to four inches and gain three pounds each year. But the growth doesn’t stop...

31 Jan

Baby Teething: What to Expect When Your Baby’s Teeth Come In

Baby teething can occur between 4 to 8 months with the lower front teeth but continues until the baby reaches 30 - 36 months of age, usually when the last set of molars appears. It is also important to note that babies don't need to start teething...

19 Jan

Childhood Regression: What It Is and How You Can Support Your Little One?

Do you remember being a carefree kid, with no worries in the world? For many of us, those carefree days are long gone. But what if you could regress back to your childhood and feel that sense of freedom again?What is childhood regression?Childhood...

21 Dec

Missed Milestones: When Should I Worry about My Baby?

Every baby is different and will grow and develop at its own pace. However, there are certain milestones that most babies will reach by a certain age. If your baby is not meeting these milestones, it could be a sign of a problem. In this article,...

06 Dec

Stranger Anxiety: When It Starts, and What to Do to Help Your Baby

It can be heartbreaking to see your baby crying and scared when someone comes to visit your home. But don't worry this is quite common and there are steps you can take to help your baby feel more comfortable around strangers.Identify the...

21 Nov

7 Tips to Make Diaper Changes Fun for Your Baby

As a parent, you know that one of the most challenging parts of taking care of a baby is dealing with diaper changes. They can be messy, smelly, and sometimes even downright difficult. Diaper changes aren't fun for anyone, especially for...

03 Nov

Toddler Sleep Training: Tips and Methods That Actually Work!

If your toddler is keeping you up at night, you're probably feeling pretty exhausted. But don't worry there are some things you can do to help your little one and yourself get a better night's sleep. In this article, we'll give you some tips and...

12 Oct

Keep Your Baby Hydrated in Summer with These Fun Recipes!

Summer can be a tough time for babies, especially if they're not used to the heat. Babies affected by heat stress can be irritable, look unwell, and overly warm to the touch. When babies feel hot and overheated they generally look unsettled, feel...

03 Oct

Baby’s Babbles: What is Babbling and When Will It Start?

If you’ve ever been around a baby, you’ve probably heard them make all sorts of sounds that don’t resemble words. This is called babbling. A phase where an infant tries to be experimenting with creating their first words but is not...

27 Sep

Baby Milestones: When Does a Baby Start Walking?

Most parents think babies should walk independently by 12 months. However, anywhere between nine and 18 months is considered within the completely normal range to achieve this milestone. Caregivers and parents are often eager for the walking...

11 Aug

How Much Do Babies Sleep? A Sleep Schedule for Your Baby’s First Six Months.

A baby’s sleep needs change a lot in the first six months. In the beginning, your newborn will sleep a lot – up to 16 to 18 hours a day. But by six months, most babies are only sleeping about 12 to 15 hours. Read on to learn what a...

29 Jul

How to Help Your Child Deal With Negative Peer Pressure

While children of all ages can be affected by peer pressure, it can be either positive or negative. While positive peer pressure inspires a child to achieve their full potential and make the right choices, negative peer pressure on the other...

18 Jul

What to Feed Your Toddler? (Ages 1-2 years)

At this age, your toddler is becoming more independent. They may want to feed themselves, and may not want to eat what you are eating. It is important to offer a variety of healthy foods and let them choose what they want to eat. There are a few...

29 Jun

Baby-Led Weaning: What You Need to Know

Baby-led weaning: is it right for your child? While many parents prefer to begin solids through purees, there is another option you can consider introducing for your baby's foray into solid foods.  These days an increasing number of...

14 Jun

How to Burp Your Baby – And Why It’s So Important!

Burping a baby is a normal part of a baby's routine. During feeding, babies often swallow air, and that air gets trapped in their stomach causing your infant to cry or fuss. It can also make your infant feel full even if they aren't. Burping...

24 May

Getting Your Baby To Sleep: Hacks For New Parents

Does your little one often wake up crying? Whether you’re reading this, months before you deliver, or are in the middle-of-the-night crying sessions, we’ve got you covered.When it comes to your baby's sleep patterns, there's no such...

09 May

Your Newborn: 7 Tips For First-Time Parents

The first few months with a newborn can be stressful and overwhelming for first-time parents. Where everyone will give you different tips on how to care for your newborn baby, and it might be tough to determine which advice to follow. Though it's...

29 Apr

Baby Poop: A Guide to Understanding Your Child's Health

Although new babies do not come with an instruction manual, they do leave hints regarding their health status. A lot of information is hidden in a baby's diaper, and many new parents naturally spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out what...

19 Apr

Your Baby's Brain: 5 Ways to Support Healthy Development

The brain is divided into multiple sections that regulate everything we do, from hearing and walking to problem-solving and emotions. There are millions of brain cells, or neurons, in each location. Chemical messages are passed between neurons...

14 Apr

How To Raise Bilingual Kids From The Very First Word

In this increasingly globalized and diverse world, the ability to speak more than one language is a highly desirable trait, especially because bilingualism confers social, economic, as well as intellectual benefits. Raising bilingual children can be...

08 Apr

Millennial Parenting 101: Trending Best-Practices

Millennials parents between the ages of 18 and 34 now outnumber all previous generations and are now parenting the yet-to-be-named future generation. They are responding to their own upbringing with new attitudes and lifestyles. That has meant the...

06 Apr

6 Best Apps New Parents Need

Being a parent, and taking care of your children can be an overwhelming experience. This is where baby apps come in handy. The good news is that there are plenty of baby apps for new parents to choose from. These clever apps help you to record your...

01 Apr

The 4-Month Sleep Regression: How to Help Your Baby

Around the age of 4 months, you might notice your baby’s sleeping habits alter dramatically. As much as we all hope and expect that our kid's sleep improves as they grow, their sleep does not always follow a strictly linear pattern. There...

22 Mar

How To Set Screen Rules That Stick

Parenting in the digital age is undoubtedly difficult. Where children are addicted to screens, and stay glued to the couch while watching TV or playing video games. This is where screen time rules come into play. Although some screen time can be...

09 Mar

7 Ways To Teach Your Baby To Walk

Seeing your little one take their first step is definitely a picture-worthy moment! But, it is an important developmental milestone, as they move from being held or crawling slowly across the floor to walking. Learning to walk, on the other hand,...

25 Feb

5 Ways Parents Of Preschoolers Can Encourage Body Positivity

Children who have a positive body image feel good about themselves and feel more confident. Having a positive body image adds to their self-esteem. On the other hand, children who don't feel good about their body or their looks tend to have lower...

16 Feb

Top 5 Must-Watch TV Shows With Your Toddler

Watching TV for toddlers can be a slippery slope. However, if you choose wisely and balance TV time with other play-to-learn activities, there's no reason to stop your tiny tot from enjoying some quality entertainment. The trick is to begin slowly...

09 Feb

The Benefits Of Pets For Kids

Children adore pets for the simple reason that they can be 'just' themselves, with no rules, expectations, or outcomes, but only love and natural awe. After all, pets provide a unique type of companionship that children intuitively...

03 Feb

Childhood 101: Playing, Learning And Growing

Child development is the process by which a child develops over time, including physical growth as well as intellectual, verbal, emotional, and social development. While these factors are frequently evaluated independently, each has an impact on the...

25 Jan

6 Skills Every Child Should Know Before Starting Kindergarten

Kindergarten is all about learning how to be independent. From critical skills like understanding the alphabet to recognizing patterns and shapes, to developing social skills like sharing and making friends, these are the very foundations that...

18 Jan

When And How To Introduce Solid Food To Your Baby

Solid meals are an important aspect of your child's growth and development since they help babies learn to eat by exposing them to different tastes and textures from a variety of foods. Besides, it also aids in the development of their teeth, jaws...

11 Jan

5 Important Ways Moms Influence Their Kids

Being a parent is without a doubt one of the most difficult jobs where we go above and beyond to ensure that we raise happy and successful children. But, regardless of the approach we choose, it all comes down to the type of parenting...

05 Jan

10 Ways To Make Life Easier For New Parents

New parents are usually in a state of vulnerability, sleeplessness, and confusion, and just want to do their best. There’s a weird belief that if you’re sufficiently kitted out with enough baby equipment, it will somehow make you a more...

28 Dec

Baby Milestones: Your Child's First Year Of Development

Every child is unique! Babies change and grow at an astounding rate, with new and exciting developments occurring every month. Parents are instinctively concerned about their child's growth and want to ensure that they are making appropriate...

21 Dec

Childhood Sleep Challenges. What all things to consider

Is your child frequently waking you up at night? Are they agitated before going to bed? You aren't the only one who feels this way. Sleep issues in children are frequent, some children may not be tired when it is time to go to bed, whilst others...

14 Dec

Brain Development In Early Years: Tips For Parents

At birth, the average baby's brain is around one-quarter the size of an adult's brain. It miraculously doubles in size in the first year. It grows to be around 80% of adult size by age 3 and 90% – virtually full-grown – by age 5.Children...

07 Dec

Tantrums, Tears, And Tempers: Behavior Is Communication

Temper tantrums are perplexing and exhausting for both children and parents. They occur when children experience strong emotions that they are unable to cope with. Frustration and anger are common triggers. Many parents are unsure how to help...

30 Nov

The Power Of Play In Early Childhood Education

It is a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine when you have some time at home and can spend valuable moments with your children playing. As a parent, you may be curious to know how play helps our kids, and what exactly it...

23 Nov

3 Tips To Help Parents Nurture An Emotionally Intelligent Child

Social and emotional development has been directly linked to children’s success progressing into adulthood. This is why now is more crucial than ever for parents to empower their children through emotional intelligence learning...

16 Nov

Connecting With Children: Build Your Child’s Communication Skills

Effective communication is one of the most essential life skills. From expressing oneself to navigating relationships, communication plays a critical role in all areas throughout life. Communication skills learned in developmental years pretty...

09 Nov

Real Tips: The Best Advice For New Parents

We all know that parenting doesn’t come with a manual. But comes with support, information, and advice from other parents who know what you’re going through, which comes pretty close. If there’s one thing we know about...

02 Nov

What’s on their plate?: A Guide to Healthy Eating for Your Toddlers

What’s on their plate?: A Guide to Healthy Eating for Your Toddlers Toddlers can be stubborn about food. (About anything, really, but especially food.) As parents, we know it’s important for our kids to eat well. Getting your...

19 Oct

Monitoring your Child’s Development: Milestones for 0-24 Months

Monitoring your Child’s Development: Milestones for 0-24 Months The first year of your child is one of the most crucial growth phases of their life. While they are almost entirely dependent on you, they are going through critical changes...

12 Oct

10 Highly Recommended Tips for Parents with Newborns

10 Highly Recommended  Tips for Parents with Newborns One of the scariest and most exciting moments is when you’re able to take your newborn home from the hospital for the first time. Common feelings can be anywhere from “is...

05 Oct

Mindfulness: Benefits and Activities for Young Children

Mindfulness: Benefits and Activities for Young Children 0 to 5 years of age are the most crucial years of your child’s psychological development. This is the time they are learning social and emotional skills that shape their interactions...

28 Sep

Top 7 Tips to Make You A Better Parent

Top 7 Tips to Make You A Better ParentParenthood comes with enormous joy and immense responsibility. Your actions and decisions have the power to shape your child’s entire life. It's natural to feel unnerved as you step into a parent's...

21 Sep

KinderSteps Launches Private Beta

KinderSteps Launches Private Beta Our official launch is planned for the end of the fall. KinderSteps will be available on both the Google Play store and the iOS App Store. Our Upcoming Beta & Go-Live RoadmapWith KinderSteps, Every...

14 Sep

7 Tips to Help You Get Your Child Ready for "Big School"

7 Tips to Help You Get Your Child Ready for "Big School"The first day of school can be difficult, and not just for your kid. Up to this point, the two of you have likely spent nearly every day together — and now all of a sudden, you'll...

07 Sep

8 Key Areas Your Toddler Experiences in their Development Journey and How to Help Them

8 Key Areas Your Toddler Experiences in their Development Journey and How to Help Them During toddlers’ development years, they go through “sensitive periods” when the brain’s wiring for specific abilities is...

31 Aug

Why Early Childhood Development Is So Important (and How Kindersteps Can Help)

Why Early Childhood Development Is So Important (and How Kindersteps Can Help)What's the most important step when building a house? It's not the floor plan or the decor. It's not the contractor you work with. It's not even your choice of...

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